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Monday, 27 June 2011

Springsteen and Deviant Success

 Re-organisation, reconfiguration, call it what you will, there is a lot of it about. This week I am off to work with a team in the East of England. They are a new team, formed from four separate teams, as a result of public sector re-organisation.

Over the week-end I went back to re-read Kim Cameron’s book ‘Positive Leadership – strategies for extraordinary performance’. It summarises research and teases out the elements of positive leadership that help to create teams that dramatically succeed beyond the norm.

It is an easy read - I first read it whilst waiting for Bruce Springsteen to play in Hyde Park in 2009. The book provides assessment tools to help you gauge your style and impact and strategies to implement.

In summary the four elements for success are:

 A Positive Climate – encouraging acts of compassion,  collective forgiveness,  and expressions of gratitude.

Positive Relationships -  enabling people to give and receive support; fostering positive energy and effectively managing people who are energisers in the organisation; helping people to become aware of and capitalise on their strengths.

Positive Communication- communicate a ratio of five positive messages for every negative message; provide employees with ‘best self’ feedback; distribute notes and cards complimenting performance; provide negative feedback in a supportive way.

Positive Meaning- All human beings search for positive meaning in their lives. Where work is meaningful and has positive outcomes it has a powerful effect on individuals and the quality of their work.  Leaders can capitalise on this by highlighting the value connected to the organisations’ outcomes which go beyond personal benefit of individual employees.

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